Rutor massif, 28 August - 3 September 2020

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This was one of the least technically and physically challenging trips of the last 7 years. This was due to a number of factors. After Lova's accident, there were only four of us so we wanted to avoid crevassed glaciers. The choice of destination was limited by the pandemic. Initially we planned to fly to Italy, then drive to France and hike around Lac du Mont Cenis. However the pandemic cases kept creeping up and we replanned the trip, so that the start and the end of the trip would be in Italy and we would cross the border with France high in the mountains. Then France was added to the quarantine list and we decided to abandon France and planned a trip in the Rutor massif only a couple of weeks before the departure. The list of countries in the quarantine list was updated on Thursday evenings. We waited for the announcement that Italy was left out, and then spent half an hour frantically buying luggage, insurances etc and left for the hotel by the airport the same evening.

Coloured lines show our track. The arrow shows direction of travel, and the "P" icon shows the car park.

Walking time includes short breaks and lunch break.

General comments

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