Swinhope Moor. 1 March 2020

This winter was exceptionally mild, so we used every opportunity to go skiing. We went searching for snow despite the strong wind which was forecast for most of the day.

The red line shows our track.

We put on ski goggles and went up, against the wind. There was quite a bit of grass in the beginning, but higher up the snow cover was pretty good.

Drifting snow. It felt just like a proper ski touring trip.

The fences had to be crossed by taking the skis off...

Or climbing over them.

More snow drifts.

We felt as though we were suddenly moved to a different planet.

These waves on the plateau looked like a frozen sea...

It was great skiing down. Firm snow, back wind - what can be better? One just had to avoid rocks... The ski lift in the distance belongs to the Weardale Ski Club, their members were also enjoying late winter.

The lower down, the thinner the snow cover. There was no snow in the valley at all. We skied back very quickly. The wind calmed down, so it became warm and quiet.

The sheep don't mind the weather.

A small tarn with a picturesque ice crust. The village low down is Westgate.

A group of trees is plastered with snow.

Time to go home...

We only skied for about 4 hours, but it felt like a proper winter day in the mountains.

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