Skiing trips around Karelian Isthmus

A good winter in St. Petersburg, we enjoyed skiing this year.


The red, blue and green lines show our tracks in Oselki, around the Khepoyarvi lake and in Kuzmolovo, respectively.

The start of the ski track near Oselki.

A shelter with benches for the tired skiers.

Getting ready to take a shot...

...of a pine tree.

We left the ski track and skied on the Kavgolovo lake towards Malinovaya Gora.

A short break. Sonya found a chair buried in the snow, and Victor is just relaxing.

Artificial snowfall.

The culmination of our trip: fire and sausages!

Khepoyarvi lake

Our next trip also started in Oselki. We crossed the railway line and went towards the Khepoyarvi lake.

It was overcast but still very picturesque.

Lova is waiting for the others to catch up.

A chamaenerion field in winter.

The northern end of the Khepoyarvi lake.

There were no people around. The ice was thick and strong, but there was water flowing on top of the ice near the shore, and it froze on the surface of our skis.

Snow-covered trees. There was no wind.

We have been here many times before but never noticed these amazing pine trees. It must have snowed here with strong wind a few days ago, and the snow attached to all tree trunks on one side only.

Enchanted forest.

Here we broke for lunch. We prepared firewood...

...and triggered some tree avalanches!

Cooking our lunch.

Yasha is frying some fish.


We started from the Kuzmolovo station and met with Victor's sister and her family near the Khepoyarvi lake - this time at the south side of the lake.

Scraping frozen water off from the skis.

The snow cover on the lake was thin, it was great to ski on.

A perfect spot for the lunch break.

Getting ready for lunch.

Scraping ice from the skis.

We ran out of time and did not lit the fire.

Going back from the lake.

The pine trees got replaced with the birch trees. It was very quiet but the sun has never come out.

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