Harwood, 14 February 2016

First skiing trip this Winter!

The red line shows our approximate track. The arrow shows direction of travel. The "P" icon shows the car park.

Getting the skis out of the car. We are the only ones on skis. We saw only one other person who was snow kniting.

Not much snow but better than nothing. The big advantage of North Pennines is that you can ski directly from the car park. No need to carry the skis in the backpack!

Victor went back to take a compass forgotten in the car. The snowman was built by previous visitors but the ski tracks are ours!

Sonya is enjoying her new skis. The ski skins allow her to ascend steep slopes.

The grass and snow drifts.

Sonya's skis are good for going down hill, too!

Crossing the fence.

We have seen this fence on top of Burnhope Seat many times.

The icicles on the fence.

A frozen grid

It is getting dark. We are skiing towards our car along the road. The trip is over.

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