Folgefonna glacier (Norway), 1-9 August 2015

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After successful trip to Swiss Alps last Summer, we were looking for mountains elsewhere. We chose Norway, partly because wild camping is legal in Norway, partly because we fell in love with Norwegian glaciers and mountains during previous trips. We were really inspired by the wonderful pictures from the trip of Dmitry Markov (links to the trip report are at the bottom of the page).

So - welcome to Norway! We had planned to walk from Odda to Rosendal; we'd decided not to rent a car but use public transport instead. Unfortunately the plans were somewhat altered by the weather. We had to abandon the part of the track shown with a dashed red line on the map, catch a bus from Sunndal to Rosendal (black dashed line on the map) and make several day trips without full backpacks. As there were four of us and we could cope with wet glaciers, the key feature of the trip was crossing Folgefonna glacier. This worked out very well.

Coloured lines show our track. The arrows show the direction of travel. The red dashed line shows originally planned (and later abandoned) route, the black dashed line shows our bus journey from Odda to Rosendal. The bus and ship icons show bus stops and ferry terminal.

Walking time includes short breaks but not the lunch break.

General comments

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