English hills in Spring. May 2019.

We had big plans for the May bank holiday weekend: we were planning to show a visiting friend the best places in the north of England. We also planned to meet Lova as he finished his 20-hour long run in the Lakes (Bob Graham round).

Brimham rocks

The blue line shows our track to Malham Cove. The mountain icon shows location of Brimham Rocks.

We first stopped at Brimham Rocks...

... for a bit of scrambling.

Malham cove

The next stop was amazing Malham Cove.

Lake District

In the afternoon we drove to northern Lakes. We first thought of staying in a campsite, but they all had to be booked in advance during bank holiday weekends - so we decided to wild camp.

The purple and red lines show our track to the camping spot and back. The blue line shows our Helvellyn track. The brown and green lines show our track in the following weekend.

Victor found a great camping spot only 15 min away from the car park. The road below was not far away but hidden from view. We pitched out tent by a little spring under Red Screes fell.

Some of us hiked up Red Screes after dinner and enjoyed amazing view of Lake District all the way to the Irish Sea. The orienteering control point at the top belongs to SILVA Great Lakeland 3 Day competition which happened to take place this weekend.

Next day, we left our car in Bridgend and climbed Striding Edge to Helvellyn. This famous knife-edge ridge is an easy scramble. Unfortunately it is very popular and hence very busy during weekends.

After returning to the car, we went to Keswick to meet Lova. He started his run at 10 pm the previous night. He had to cover almost 103 km, climb 42 fells, gain (and lose) 8.5 vertical kilometers - all that in under 24 hours. We hoped to see him finish at the information centre in Keswick. The weather was optimal for fell running: not too hot, dry, no strong winds. Lova finished Bob Graham round in 19 hours 25 min, ahead of schedule - we missed his finish by less than a minute! Lova and his support team: James, Max, Yasha and Adam.

Resting after the run.

Supportive and caring family.

Lake District 11-12 May 2019.

Good weather the following weekend prompted us to go to the Lakes again. We left home on Saturday afternoon and got to Haweswater before dark. We walked for about an hour into the Riggindale valley and camped for the night.

We were woken up by the sun. The weather was amazing, wall to wall sunshine, no wind. We were on our own in this paradise.

We climbed up High Street fell directly from the camping spot. This is Blea Water below.

Riggindale Сrag and Haweswater at the bottom of Riggindale.

Walking down from High Street. A view towards Windermere.

The path follows the ridge to Froswick fell.

We left the path to descend a steep slope of Rainsborrow Cove to Kentmere lake and turned back towards Haweswater. We went around the lake, up the spring in the middle of this picture and then joined the path towards Nan Bield Pass.

We met a group of cyclists carrying bikes on their backs.

A fluffy tree.

Small Water is the nearest lake, with Haweswater behind. We can see our car parked by Haweswater.

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