Kayaking on Vuoksa lake 27-28 August 2013

We have not done any kayaking for many years. Unfortunately, we again did not have time for a long kayaking trip, so we decided to dash to the Vuoksa lake for two days. We used to kayak here many years ago, and often camped on the same spot in the south-east part of the lake. To our dismay, we failed to find this spot despite all our efforts.

The tent icon shows the place where we camped, and train icons show the railway stations.

The road from the Sinyovo station led to a boat rental place where we put together our kayak.

A photo for future generations. We were really lucky with the weather.

Very quiet, no wind, warm - and not a soul to be seen.

Our admiral.

The oar girl.

We stopped for lunch on a narrow spit, only about 10 m wide.

An unexpected find.

Sonya was left on a boulder to enjoy the sun.

We pitched out tent at a spot with a large granite rock.

Enjoying the sun...

Cooking the dinner.

Apres ski.


By the campfire...

Next day we rowed to Priozersk station, dried the kayak, and were home by the evening. This was a very short trip - but it was well worth it!

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