Lockdown trips. Howardian Hills. Spring 2021

The lockdown was particularly frustrating during sunny spring this year. National travel was not allowed, and we explored every patch of land within 15 miles from home. Here we show pictures from some of these trips.

The black, blue, green, red, fuchsia, brown and purple lines show our track on 31 January, 21 and 27 February, 6, 14 and 20 March, and 4 April, respectively.

Castle Howard. 27 February 2021

St Martin church in Bulmer. It probably dates back to the XII century.

Herringbone stonework.

A small pond.

Hazelnut in bloom.


The path goes through a wood.

A gate.

Bulmer cats (the text translates from Italian as "beware of cats").

Castle Howard.

A church in Welburn.

A gate with no walls. The building in the centre is Castle Howard.

Howsham and Kirkham Priory. 6 March 2021

We parked our car by river Derwent and went along the river path towards Kirkham priory.

A bridge over the river in Kirkham. Spot the fake fisherman at the riverside. The river here is wide and tranquil.

There were many monasteries in Yorkshire in the middle ages. This one was founded in 1120. All monasteries were destroyed by Henry VIII in 1540s. There is not much left of Kirkham priory nowadays.

Foundation of a medieval cross.

A Christ sculpture is in the middle with Bartholomew and Philip underneath. There are many coats of arms of families who donated money to the monastery.

St George and the Dragon

David and Goliath.

All sheep are brick-red because of the reddish soil in this field. The tree in the centre is a very old oak.

We walked past St Mary of the Moor which was built on a Saxon foundation. A light beacon in the church used to guide people from one monastery to the other. The nearest village (Westow) is about a kilometer away.

A church in Howsham. It is quite different from the other churches in the vicinity.

A church door.

Howsham hall. Judging by the broken windows, it is currently deserted.

An old mill which used to provide Howsham residents with flour for over 200 years. We saw it from the other side of the river at the beginning of the walk, and now were able to get close to it.

The old building was restored and converted into an educational centre, but the most loyal residents live in the wasp nest.

A notice by the mill.

A sculpture on the roof.

Birdhouses are grouped together to facilitate social interaction between residents.

Crayke and Gilling. 20 March 2021

The Crayke village lies at the top of a hill, and the views are amazing. There used to be a castle here but its ruins are now privately owned. We parked our car in the village and walked towards Gilling, about 10 km away.

York valley seen from the church in Crayke.

St Cuthbert church was built in XVth century.

Oulston reservoir.

By the fish pond dam in Yearsley Moor.

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