Valais Alps, 8-18 August 2014

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It has been quite a while since we last went on a multiday (e.g., longer than 3-4 days) mountain hiking trip. We used to go to the Caucasus mountains when we were students in Russia, and then we once went to the Khibiny mountains with friends - and that's it. So this trip was a realisation of a long cherished dream - and it certainly was a success! It was just like the trips back in those University days...

We were keen to walk on the glaciers, but because we were only one rope team (two grown-ups and an 8-year old girl), we only ventured onto wet (e.g., snow-covered) glaciers where there should have been no crevasses - and we still roped up. It was quite difficult to plan the trip. We wanted this to be a 7 day long circuit, with many mountain passes and easy glaciers. The map shows the trip, and the graph below gives an altitude profile. It was almost a circuit - we finished 9.5 km from the car, so Victor had to go and get it in the last evening. This is our route:: Lac des Places de Moulin - Col Collon - Haut Glacier d'Arolla - Arolla - Pas de Chevres - Glacier de Cheilon - Tete Noire - Lac des Dix - Col des Roux - Col de Prafleuri - Grand Deser glacier - Col de Cleuson - Col du Sarshlau - Lac de Mauvoisin - Col de Tsofeiret - Col de Crete Seche - Bionaz.

Zoom in to see the topo map. The red, blue, green, yellow, light blue, pink and black lines show our tracks for the first, second, third, forth, fifth, sixth and seventh days, and the grey line is the trip back to collect the car. The red line shows the direction of travel. The "P" icon shows the car park.

Walking time includes lunch break (up to an hour) and short breaks.

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We really enjoyed this trip, it was a great adventure. Click the "Next" button and look at the pictures.

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