Majorca 29-31 July 2017

Before our summer hiking trip to the Alps we decided to go to Majorca for a long weekend to swim in the warm sea and sunbathe.

The markers show places of interest which we visited (click on the markers to see descriptions).

We rented a house in a small village called Costitx half an hour away from the airport.

Later, we found out that Carmen (our hostess) and her husband bought that area and built the house about 10 years ago, but it looked like an old one. Lova joined us at the last moment because he was free during the summer holidays. We didn't have a lot of time so we were out until quite late in the evenings.

On the fist day we went to the west coast from north to south.

Our first stop was a town called Valldemossa.

The churches and squares were covered in decorative, paper ribbons which created beautiful shadows as they rippled in the wind. There were lots of tourists.

There were narrow streets where you could hide from the sun.

Everything was made for the tourists but it was very pretty.

Even in this heat there were still a lot of tourists strolling down the streets.

We were already boiling so we got back in the car to look for the sea. Our hostess showed us on a map a bay near to Valldemossa where we could swim. It proved quite hard to get there though. We left the car in the car park next to the restaurant Foradada and we started going down, by a dusty path, towards the sea. We saw a few people heading back from the beach so we knew we were going in the right direction.

From the top it looked amazing and very intriguing. The peninsular was called Cala de Sa Costa Brava on the map but Carmen called it Foradada.

An olive grove.

Half an hour later, we started going down towards the beach. We were the only one in that bay because nearly everyone else went on a different beach a bit further along. There were only a few yachts. At some moment a few teenagers came for a little swim but they left almost straight away.

We were relaxing in the warm water until we had enough (which was a long time).

On the way back we saw some adorable donkeys with really long eyelashes.

On the cliff we noticed stalactites. Maybe this was a cave which crumbled down long time ago?

Then we went to Port de Saller. We had a little paddle, but the previous bay was much better. Finally, we had to drive through the mountains to get home.

On the way back we stopped in a village called Fornalutx. It had narrow, steep streets because the town was built on a mountain side.

The sunset.

The next day we started with a sandy beach on the west coast of Majorca called Playo de Muro. It wasn't the best beach so there are no photos. It was dirty and windy, with many beach-goers. Our next stop was Alcudia. We got there at midday, the hottest time of day. We walked around some old steets and city walls.

We were planning to get to Cap de Formentor in the very north of Majorca. Lova knew this place since a recent cycling trip, but we first went for a swim near Alcudia. Lova knew a nice bay there, but unfortunately there wasn't a lot of space for parking. At last we found a place to park our car and scrambled down to a beach. We were the only ones there.

In the distance you could see the Formentor peninsular.

This is the view from the platform Mirador Es Colomer towards Cap de Formentor.

We drove to Cala Figuera and came down to the sea. It was very nice evening: cool air and calm sea.

Having swam enough and getting a sea urchin's spine in Sonya's foot, we went home.

This was our last day in Majorca.

In the morning we went to the ruins of a Stone Age village which was very close to our house (Sanctuary of Son Corro).

We then drove along the east coastline towards the airport, had one last swim in the sea and visited the cave Cuevas de Arta.

The cave was huge, deep, cool and very pretty. We had a very good guide who didn't hurry us and explained everything clearly.

Finding out we were English, he showed us the upside down sheep.

A Rodin's sculpture.

A green jelly fish.

On the way to the airport we wanted to drive past a small beach Cala Varques, but we didn't have enough time. So we went to Cala Estany d'en Mas instead. Unfortunately, the place was crowded and dirty.

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