Les Arcs, 9-14 April 2017

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The late Easter this year meant a late skiing season for us. We had plenty of sun every day and it was very warm. However, there was plenty of snow (even though we have had no snowfall). In the afternoon, the snow was getting soft, and we spent most of our time off piste.

Lova and Mont Blanc.

The snow was melting quite rapidly, particularly on the South-facing slopes, but above 2000 m, the snow cover was very good.

Two skiers: the left one is in La Plagne, the one on the right is in Les Arcs.

A panoramic view from Grand Col.

Maria and Lova spent a day in La Plagne.

Lova on a chair lift.

We were in La Plagne in 2011 and it was very nice to visit again and remember our favourite spots. This piste leads to a tunnel in the mountain on the right hand side of the picture.

In order to get to La Plagne from Les Arcs, one has to go down to 1600 m. There was hardly any snow left at this altitude. This view is from the ski lift connecting the two resorts.

Sonya's first day on the skis.

Our family with Mont Blanc in the background.

Skiing down from Grand Col was great. One can see most of Les Arcs' pistes from the top. A lot of off-poste skiing - note the tracks cut on the slopes on the left hand side of the picture.

Victor is traversing the slope.

We found a nice off-piste route to a sunny spot.

No need to hurry now, the last chair lift has stopped. The shadow on the mountain resembles a profile of a human head.

Aiguille Rouge from the window of our apartment.

Another nice off-piste run from Col du Grand Renard. We were not the only ones here, but it was still much less crowded than on the piste.

Our last day. We got to the top of Aiguille Rouge. You can see many mountain ranges. Here, a mountain guide is enjoying the view of Monte Rosa and Matterhorn in the distant mountain range in the centre of the picture.

Mont Blanc. It is only 30 km away from here.

Outdoor lunch.

Pasque-flower (Anemone pulsatilla).

Mont Pourri (3779 m) from Aiguille Rouge. Zoom in to find a group of skiers on the glacier.

Lova is waiting for Maria.

The last picture before going home...

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