Graian Alps (Italy-France), 5-14 August 2016

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Initially, this trip was planned for just three of us (including 10-year-old Sonya), so we were looking for mountains with fairly flat, snow-free glaciers. Graian Alps proved ideal for this. Eventually, our group expanded to include our oldest son and a friend with his daughter, and we went to the Alps as a 6-strong team - this was a great trip!

The trip incldued 6 days in the mountains, mostly avoiding popular paths, and 3 days at the sea-side. In hindsight, we should have spent another day in the mountains, 6 days wasn't long enough...

The coloured lines show out track. The arrow shows direction of travel. The dashed line is a track of Yasha's evening run, and the "P" icon is a parking spot.

The walking time includes short breaks but excludes lunch break.

General comments

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