Tignes, 14-19 April 2019

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We went skiing (in Tignes) very late this year, because of the late end of University term. We got lucky though: it was pretty cold, and there was plenty of snow for this time of year. It was also sunny and there were not too many people!

Not all mountains are covered with snow but the views were still amazing.

We skied down to a village at 1600 m on our first day, there was enough snow for a decent descent. We skied past an old tunnel with ice stalactites.

There were only three of us this year, Maria, Victor and Sonya.

The clouds are floating over the summits. We had no fresh snow but the snow above 2500 m was good.

En route to Val-d'Isere. It took us an hour to get to Glacier du Grand Pissaillas, the highest and furthest point in Val-d'Isere.

A silver Mini by the Marmottes chair lift.

Glacier du Grand Pissaillas. We were on our own. The wind brought some fresh snow and going down the piste felt almost like off-piste skiing.

A view of the same valley from a chair lift. On one of the following days we went skiing off-piste here, on the hills on the left in the picture.

Glacier de la Grande Motte on the side of the mountain. The chair lifts on la Grande Motte were closed so we couldn't ski there. We were fascinated by the parallel snow lines on the glacier. It turns out that snow is raked to preserve it for the Summer, as glacier skiing is available throughout the year.

A little bit of fresh snow one morning tempted us to go off-piste.

A natural arch of Aiguille Percee.

Victor climbed to the arch but it was very slippery.

Genepy, our favourite piste. The name comes from a traditional herbal liqueur produced in the Alps.

The La Grande Casse mountain is like a giant ship.

We came down from the glacier and found a great spot for a picnic at the edge of a cliff.

We liked Glacier du Grand Pissaillas so much that we visited it again. We went off-piste a couple of times. This was the furtherst we have ever ventured from the piste.

La Grande Motte glacier. Great skiing here too, but it was not as deserted as the other glacier.

The "raked" glacier.

Natural half-pipes - our favourite playground.

A hole near Borsat chair lift.

Our last descent of the season - off-piste!

Good bye, snow!

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