Sutton Bank 21 June 2015

A short day trip. North York moors national park is only about an hour's journey from York. It occupies a plateau between the York valley and the North Sea. In the West, the park ends with a steep cliff. This is where we went. We left our car by the roadside and went across the fields towards an old quarry and then to the cliffs.

Red lines shows our approximate track. The red arrow shows direction of travel. The "P" icon shows the place where we left our car.

View from the plateau towards York. The visibility was very good, which does not happen here often, particularly in the Summer.

Sonya is hiding in shake hole overgrown with bilberries. The bilberries were not ready yet but there were lots of them.

Whitestonen Cliff is a mixture of limestone and sandstone.

The views were amazing...

We are going through the barley fields. The wind was creating amazing wave patterns in barley but we could not capture them in photographs.

The sea of barley....

We were surrounded by dark clouds but the thunderstorm never materialised.

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