Bruges, 22-23 October 2016

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We visit Bruges during the Autumn half-term. It is very easy to get to from York: an hour long drive to Hull, then an overnight ferry to Zeebrugge, and a 30 min coach transfer to Bruges. We were in Bruges before 10 am. The weather was great, lots of sunshine and virtually no rain.

The city is surrounded by a canal. There used to be a city wall, but a few towers and gates are all that remained from the wall.

We first went to find our hostess who wanted to give us the keys and show us around the house. We walked past a giant spoon.

This is the house where we stayed. It seems to be the oldest building in the area. We got the keys and the bicycles and are ready to explore Bruges. The tree in the front garden is Rhus typhina.

The are several windmills in the east of the city, by the canal. We climbed onto one of them. Unfortunately it was locked.

Bruges from the windmill. Church of Our Lady is seen on the left, with belfry in the centre of the picture.


The were always a few swans in this canal.

Reflection of the autumn leaves in the windows.

Old Civic registry in the Brug Square.

Drawbridge Langerei - Potterierei.

There are 46 almhouses like this one in Bruges. Had we not been shown one on the map, we would have never found it.

Bruges coat of arms.

Buges waterways.

Like our home city (St Petersburg), Bruges is sometimes called Venice of the North.

Boudewijn Canal.

A house with a double facade.

Church of Our Lady is the tallest building in Bruges (122.3 m).

Chocolatier window.

Soap bubbles in Grote Markt.

Catching the bubbles!

Reflection of Bruges.

Grote Markt from the Belfry of Bruges.

Brugge-Zeebrugge Canal is seen in the distance.

An egg in an egg. A sculpture in the AZ Sint-Jan hospital.

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