Catstye Cam. 3 April 2021

Our first trip to the Lakes after lockdown. Satying overnight away from home is still forbidden, so we came just for a day.

The blue line shows our track.

We are looking at Catstye Cam from Great Dodd.

We had lunch by a little snow patch which somehow survived warm weather.

An inside view of the snow patch.

We descended into the valley and scrambled up Catstye Cam.

Looking back at the valley. A few snow patches are still clinging to life on the steeper slopes.

On top of Catstye Cam.


An Easter Egg on top of Helvellyn - this was Easter weekend.

Helvellyn is a plateau. We decided that the highest point is here.

More snow on the north face of Helvellyn. Despite the good weather, there were no crowds on the summit.

Our car was parked by the Thirlmere lake, and before driving back, we walked down to the lakeside.

Tranquil early spring.

Helvellyn Lower Man in the evening sun.

We really missed the mountains during the lockdown: this was our first visit to the Lakes in almost 6 months. Today was a great day, lots of sunshine, a little chilly but still very pleasant as there was no wind. We covered 17 km with 1450 m altitude gain - not bad for the first day out!

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