Ennerdale, 26-27 September 2020

This September was so unusually warm and dry that we went to the Lakes almost every weekend. This time we drove to Honister Pass on Saturday night and walked to Blackback Tarn to enjoy the morning in the mountains.

The red and blue lines show our track in the first and second days. The "P" icon shows car park, and the tent icon shows our camping spot.

We found a flat patch by the tarn and decided not to go any further. Full moon.

There were other people on the other side. We are practicing night photography.

The tarn turned out to be quite large. We are enjoying breakfast.

One can see another neighbour, he camped on a flat patch above the lake. We went towards the Ennerdale valley.

Descending from Hay Stacks. This is Buttermere lake.

The forest in the Ennerdale valley is still far away.

A bridge over the Liza river. The rock pools are probably perfect for bathing in the Summer.

A forest path along the river. This woodland resembles Karelia more than England.

This is what we came here for! Last year we found chanterelles in this area. They are very rare in England. We found them grown in the same place this year.

Bright and orange chanterelles.

This looks like a fine forest with fir trees, but it's impenetrable without paths. The testing of the plane mode did not go well for our drone. We first thought that it is lost forever but then worked out how to find it. It crash-landed on a grass slope and did not suffer any damage.

Ennerdale Water and the sea behind it.

We are descending to Pillar Rock.

Pillar Rock is too challenging for us to climb, but a scramble up Pisgah was pure joy.

A "green elephant" on the other side of the valley.

Autunm in the Lakes.

We are crossing the Liza river valley. It is getting late, we are already in the shadow.

Unusual knolls in the valley.

The knolls from above. The crash landing was again damage-free.

Green Gable.

Hay Stacks in the evening sunlight.

A baby cairn.

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