Yorkshire Wolds. February 2021. Stil in lockdown

Easterly wind brought cold weather in February. Even York had some lying snow, but it was all but gone within a day. So we kept comiong back to the same place in the Wolds which we frequented in January.

The blue and red lines show our track on the 11th and 13th February, respectively.

11 February

Fantastic weather: wall to wall sunshine, no wind, temperature below zero in the morning, so the snow did not stick to the skis. Thursday was the only day of the week like this, so we had to take a day off work. This was our second "holiday" in the last year: summer trip to Italian Alps was the first one. We were at the car park by half-eight, to make the most of the subzero temperatures. There was enough snow in the valleys for skiing, but we scratched the skis in one valley by gravel - the path is called Chalkland Way for a reason!

Just like skiing in Karelian Isthmus in Russia. We thought the track on the other side of the road is also a ski track, but these were bike tracks.

Sheep at breakfast.

Amazing visibility.

Three sisters. Some fields are white but the other ones have very little snow.

The sun has melted away snow on the slopes.

Glacial valleys criss-cross the Wolds.

We visited this frozen pond earlier in the year. The ice is solid now.

We enjoyed the smooth downhill section.

It was too early to come back home so we skied up and down the Thixen Dale valley.

A spiral sculpture. This is "Waves and Time" artwork by Chris Drury which was completed in 2012. It is particularly noticeable when covered with snow. See this page for more information about the project.

13 February

This was our second skiing outing this week. Not as sunny as the first one but colder and much windier. We saw snow drifts blocking local roads and even helped to move a car stuck in the snow.

Drifting snow in Yorkshire "Arctic".

A solitary tree.

Harsh winter landscape. It's just 20 min driving time from home.

A signpost for the frozen pond which we pass every time we come here.

Snow drifts. Victor is looking at some cars stuck in the snow and waiting for a snowplough.

These were two really nice morning ski trips - almost 45 km in total. Unfortunately the warmer weather in the next few days would melt away all this natural beauty.

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