Crib Goch (Snowdon) 27-28 June 2015

As part of our training for the Norway trip later in the Summer, we went to North Wales to conquer Snowdon, the highest point in England and Wales (1085 m). Many different paths lead to the top of Snowdon, there is even a railway for the less agile. We chose the best route, along the knife-edge Crib Goch ridge. We started on Friday evening, left the car in a layby and almost in the dark climbed a steep scree to reach a shelf above some rocky cliffs. We found a place to pitch a tent and went to bed. We were woken up by the voices of climbers who were already half way up on the adjacent cliff face. The layby where we left our car got filled up by 8am. Leaving the car there on Friday evening was certainly a good idea - we avoided problems with parking and did not have to get up too early.

The red, blue and green lines show our track for the day of arrival, first and second day of walking. The arrow shows direction of travel. The "P" icon shows the layby where we left the car, and the tent icons show where we camped overnight.

We are walking up towards Crib Goch. The lake below is bridged by a dirt road. This is a very popular place, and there are many people on our path.

The scrambling begins. Sonya scrambles up very comfortably.

On top of Crib Goch. The cliffs to the right of the ridge are nearly vertical. A line of quartz (ahead on the path) cuts across the ridge.

Pretty steep and scary!

Sonya was very scared but she almost got to the pinnacles carrying full pack with no belay. At the end of the ridge, we took her pack away and roped up. She was much more confident this way.

The main difficulties are behind us. Snowdon is hiding in the clouds.

Our path went up to Snowdon and then back along the ridge above the two lakes.

The pinnacles at the end of Crib Goch ridge. This is the last bit of scrambling.

A view of Llyn Peris valley. Our car is there, somewhere.

Looking back at Crib Goch.

The rest of the path to Snowdon was in thick fog. This is a train coming back from Snowdon towards Llanberis. The railway was built in 1894-96. The history of this railway is described in a Wikipedia article.

The Snowdon summit was wet, windy and we could see nothing apart from the crowds of tourists. We have never seen so many people in the mountains. When we got down along Watkin path, the sun came out again. The lake below is Llyn Llydaw.

Resting. after a long day. We camped atop a rocky knoll, it took us a while to find a flat spot for the tent. The weather deteriorated and it was very windy and wet overnitght. Our tent survived although the poles got a bit bent in the wind. The morning was very wet. We cooked our breakfast in the tent (which we very rarely do!), packed our backpacks and after two hours got to the road. The original plan was to cross a little ridge and walk to the car, but in bad weather we decided to catch a bus to the layby where our car was waiting.

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