Snake Pass, 10 December 2017

We managed to go skiing on two weekends in a row. This does not happen very often (usually due to lack of snow). The weather was OK but visibility was poor. We went to Peak District to meet up with Yasha who was there on business. We parked the car at the Snake Pass, put on the skis and went into the wilderness.

The blue line shows our track. The "P" icon shows the parking space, and the arrow shows the direction of travel.

The snow cover was thin but the temperature was below zero so the skis were sliding well.

Our team members.

Going downhill!

The moors are criss-crossed with gullies formed due to erosion. The snow cover was best at the bottom of the gullies.

A frozen pond right next to the road makes a pretty picture.

Taking into account that most snow cover this weekend was in the south of England, we did very well!

Snake Pass, 16 December 2017

Skiing again the following weekend! The was some snow in the North Pennines and in the Lake District but we managed to go skiing with Lova in the Peak District. We first went to the Woodhead Pass, but the snow cover was insufficient for skiing. We had to go to the Snake Pass. The visibility was so poor that we missed the place where we parked the previous weekend.

The blue line shows our track. The "P" icon shows the parking space and the arrow shows the direction of travel.

There were very few trees on the moors. The visibility was near zero which made our trip very atmospheric.

Crossing yet another gully.

Crossing snow bridges.

When we got to the stream just below Kinder Scout, the visibility suddenly improved (but not for long). We stopped for lunch here.

The river bank was all covered with icicles.

The icicles were very picturesque even in the cloudy weather.

The water dropping from above encased all plants in ice cages.

Amazing ice texture.

Yorkshire sculpture park.

The sunset.

Russian English