Tignes, 3-10 April 2014

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Alpine skiing

This year once again we could not go skiing before April, as we were limited by the school holidays. Hence we were looking for a highest possible altitude for the resort and accommodation. We went to the French resort Tignes, and rented an apartment in the highest altitude village, Val Claret. This time we were quite a large group of three families, including one of Vitya's sister and their friends.

The skiing finished on Saturday, but our flight was on Sunday evening. We decided to spend these 1.5 days in the Jura mountains, to the east of Geneva. Even thought we had rather little time, it was enough to visit a few places. The pictures are on the next page, click Next at the top or the bottom of this page.

When we arrived, the snow in the village was typical spring snow, but higher up it was still cold.

The two brothers.

A short break at the top.

This is a view from the apartment window.

Another view from the apartment...

Vitya goes off piste.

The mountains are covered with a blanket of soft snow.

Sunset... A little arch can be seen on the ridge in the right-hand part of the picture.

Next day, we somehow managed to get close to this arch.

Really close.

Rock pillars.

The same arch again...

It is very photogenic, everybody is taking pictures.

Our group is going down the glacier.

We really liked to ski near the glacier, the snow was very nice and soft, not slushy at all, even in the evening.

Resting on the ski lift.

Time to go downhill...

We only went to this valley on the last day. There is a black piste going down, but we went off piste. The snow was deep, soft and wet, and the slopes were not steep.

There were very few people around...

As keen skiers, we went down the halfpipe.

It was not as bad as we feared.

Sonya got "three stars" at the end of her ski school. This means that next year she will be in a more advanced group. Helen, Sonya's teacher, was rather strict but Sonya liked her.

Going up the ski lift we noticed purple flowers in the rocks. Now we can see them close by. The latin name is Saxifraga oppositifolia.

A ski cake for the last dinner.

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