Kettlewell 13 December 2014

First snow in Yorkshire Dales

We knew in advance that Saturday was going to be a cold and sunny day, and got the skis, sledges and crampons ready on Friday evening. We were unable to make a really early start but managed to get to Kettlewell in Yorkshire Dales before noon. The plan was to drive further up, towards Whernside, but the road up was all covered with ice and we decided to walk up Old Cote Moor instead.

The red line is our track. The "P" icon shows the car park.

The river Wharfe. The snow is actually in short supply, but the sun makes for a great picture..

We are starting going up the Old Cote Moor. Kettlewell is a small but very picturesque village.

Wharfedale, looking towards Lake District.

Wharfedale, looking South. Dry stone walls separate the land into many small lots.

The path goes through some rocks.

Up and up... looking for snow.

The higher up, the more snow.

Cam Gill Beck above the village. It is getting more cloudy.

Powder snow!

Getting the track ready.

Sledging is more fun!

There was no more blue sky in the afternoon. The clouds brought warmer weather and sticky snow. We made the first snowman of the winter and decorated it with bits of moss. It was great to experience a few hours of proper Winter!

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