Stained glass in York Minster

The Great East window of York Minster is currently undergoing restoration. The window is covered with a large photograph, and the restored pieces are shown to visitors in a small dark room-hemisphere. There is space for five pieces of stained glass: four pieces are kept there all the time, and the fifth one is replaced once a month.

These are small fragments of one of the pieces. Chatty angels.

The stained glass shows Jesus Christ and the animal symbols of the four Evangelists. The calf is a symbol of Luke.

The eagle is a symbol of John.

The lion is a symbol of Mark..

The angel is a symbik of Matthew.

A trumpeting angel.

A dragon with seven heads is threatening a pastor (one head is not visible).

Everybody is scared.

Other fragments of the same piece. The level of detail is amazing: look at the ear ring.

An angel is reading...

Everybody is attentive...

They are listening...

Probably St John is looking up to Jesus.

A fragment of stained glass with seven churches.

An angel is hovering over crumbling Babylon. The city is pictured with great details: walls, roofs, windows, churches...

Other fragments. The old man on the left has golden rings.

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