Yad Moss 24 January 2015

In winter, we try to go skiing every weekend - if there is any snow in the north of England.

The red line shows our track. The "P" icon shows the place where we left our car. The red arrow shows the direction of travel.

Even when we were within 5 miles from Yad Moss, it was hard to imagine that there was snow somewhere nearby. But when we got there, there was indeed snow on the hills, it was quite windy and the sun would come out every now and then.

The higher, the more snow.

We saw several kiters with snowboards. The strong wind was a blessing for them.

They whizzed past us, jumped over the fence and enjoyed the wind around the summit of Burnhope Seat.

This stream froze over, but the snow was blown off by the wind - so the stream looked like open water.

The snowboard leaves a very nice track in the snow, like a ribbon.

The hills here are covered with deep gullies, the product of erosion. In winter they are filled with snow and decorated with icicles.

The sun was frequently coming out and then disappearing behind the clouds again.

The aim of our journey - the fence on the summit of Burnhope Seat. It was sunny when we got there, but dark clouds were soon everywhere, and we started our way back. We got to the road a couple of kilometers from the car, and really enjoyed skiing down by the roadside.

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