Langdale. 16-17 April 2021

April this year was unusually sunny and dry but cold. This was the first weekend when people were allowed to spend a night away from home, so we went camping to the Lakes. We pitched our tent nearly at the same spot as three years ago.

The blue and red lines show our track on 16 and 17 April, respectively.

It was early spring, so everything was brown. We stopped for lunch at this picturesque spot. The busy path is much lower down.

We came across this wavy boulder half way up Pike of Stickle.

The boulder was criss-crossed with different lines: straight, bendy, vertical, horizontal.

We finally got to Pike of Stickle.

The rocks here are very unusual, solid conglomerate, we haven't seen anything like this in the Lakes. The soil is quite eroded, similar to Kinder Scout.

Still a long way to go. We need to cross a few valleys. It was a long day, we did over 25 km with ca. 1700 m altitude gain.

Easdale Tarn.

Another picture of Easdale Tarn at sunset, with Grasmere village far below. We saw people camping on most tarns today. There were also some tents on top of the fells.

We need to climb down, then up again to cross the ridge, and then another ridge...

A larch tree.

The evening sun lights up the hills.

Sunset in the Lakes.

It was a long day, we got home after 10 pm, but it was worth it, the weather was great, wall to wall sunshine all day.

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