Copenhagen, 27 October - 2 November 2019

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We spent a week in Copenhagen. The weather was kind, it was warm and quite sunny. We bought 5-day visitor cards which gave us free access to most museums in and around Copenhagen and free local transport.


When we arrived in Copenhagen, we took a local train to Helsingør.

We spent our first day in Helsingør walking around the old town, visiting museums and the famous castle. We even found time for a sealife centre.

This is the main street at the edge of the old town in Helsingør.

A bright red house near a church.

A mirror by the window allows residents to watch the events on the street from inside.

Beer steins.

A wall of the old Carmelite monastery.

A cloister.

A narrow street.

Monastery vaults.

The left part of the painting shows the rescue of sick sailors. The monks carried them ashore in wooden crates so as not to become infected. The right part illustrates the period after the Reformation in 1517. The monks were expelled and the monastery was converted into a hospital. Catholicism was replaced by Protestantism. The church was used as a stable.

A fish made of plastic items found on local beaches.

Kronborg Castle.

The entrance to the castle resembles the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg.

The same entrance from the inside.

A narrow straigt separates Denmark and Sweden. There are regular ferries connecting the two countries.

At the top of a tower.

We came across this bike packed with travelling accessories.

Near the entrance to an undergroud museum.

Quiet streets of Helsingør.

Cobblestone pavement illuminated by the setting sun.

We throughly enjoyed Helsingør.

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