Haweswater 11-12 June 2021

Another weekend in the Lakes: we started on Friday evening and spent all day on Saturday walking. We have been here before, but it's always so nice to be in the Lakes, particularly in good weather. We find something new every time. There are many deer in this part of the Lakes, and the fences are very tall, to stop the deer from jumping over them.

The blue and red lines show our track on 11 and 12 June, respectively.

Sunset on Haweswater. It took us a bit over an hour to get to the camping spot.

The hill in front of us is like a whale, all criss-crossed by erosion.

Flowering season for elderflower.

This is an amazing hidden valley: no people, just deer herds.

Zooming in with the camera, we saw a big herd with fawns.

Angle Tarn. We last came here about 20 years ago with Victor's mum. Yasha and Lova were small kids back then, and they swam to the island.

Gray Crag is like an extinct volcano.

Hayeswater Gill.

Hayeswater (not to be confused with Haweswater!).

We descended to Bleа Water, crossed the ridge to Small Water, and then down to our car. It was getting late. Victor had a quick swim in Blea Tarn, but Maria and Sonya were too cold for bathing.

Haweswater. The path goes around regularly shaped little hillocks.

This elderflower bush has always caught our eye, but we have not seen it in bloom before.

Does she have a nest here, or is she just enjoying the flowers?

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