North York Moors, Esk Valley, 16 May 2020

Our first taste of freedom after the Covid lockdown. We found a very remote place and only saw people at the car park.

The red line shows our track.

The moors are covered with heather but the valleys are all green.

A patch of burnt heather.

Esklets Crag. The crags are only about 10-12 m in height with an oak tree at the bottom. This is an unusual and remote place. When we got to the crags, we remembered that we had been here before. It turned out we visited about five years ago and even did a bit of rapelling.

A blanket of heather and blueberries in the valley. A yellow road goes by a disused quarry where yellow sandstone was mined.

We scrambled a bit and went further.

It was impossible not take a photo of this lichen.

A short break in the sunshine...

A tree by the broken dry wall resembles Sycamore gap in the Hadrian Wall. We followed an old railway path back to the car park. This was a great day out. We have never seen so much wildlife: we saw a slow worm, an adder, a few pheasants with young chicks, rabbits, several curlews.

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