Sutton Bank, 2 December 2017

We got lucky this weekend! The only snowfall was on Thursday and we were not sure if the snow will stay till Saturday. The most abundant snow in the whole of England (excluding Scotland) was only an hour drive from York. Lova joined us from Sheffield on this occasion.

The blue line shows our track. The "P" icon is the parking spot, and the arrow shows the direction of travel.

We got lucky, there was still enough snow desipte it melting in front of our eyes. The view from the top of Sutton Bank into valley of Mowbray, the beautiful gradient from white to green.

From "The finest view in England"...

Ready to go.

Horses huddling together to share warmth.

A lonely larch.

The sunset peeking through the distant trees.

Crossing the fields on the way back, just enough snow to be able to ski comfortably.

The view back into the valley of Mowbray, the sun catching on one of the hills.

And one for the memory, the sun came out just as we finished the day.

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