Blencathra, 7-8 August 2020

Another trip to the Lakes. We've been on Blencathra more than once but each time using a different approach. This time we left the car in Mungrisdale. We didn't expect midges. We were preparing for a trip to Scotland, and had head nets and repellent at home - but it didn't occur to us that we might be attacked by midges in the Lakes. We walked up the valley for an hour, quickly found a relatively dry and flat camping spot, pitched our tent and got inside. There weren't so many midges in the morning, and higher up the wind picked up, and they disappeared altogether.

The red and blue lines show our track in the first and second days, respectively. The "P" icon shows car park, and the tent icon shows our camping spot.

We climbed up Sharp Edge ridge without any problems. It was already quite crowded. We are above Scales Tarn.

It was getting hot and we went down to Scales Tarn to take a dip and have lunch.

Better than Mediterranean!

Our "kayak" weighs only 500 g.

Scales Tarn is very clear and fairly deep. There were a few people around but there were no problems with social distancing.

We went down the Doddick Fell ridge. Derwent Water appeared between the hills. For some reason, this path is very unpopular, we did not see anybody.

Running exercises.

Blencathra and Doddick Fell. The heather in bloom smells like honey.

We stopped by one of the streams coming down from Blencathra.

We found a few waterfalls and rocky pools perfect for bathing.

Apart from the encounter with midges, this was a perfect trip, with some scrambling, sun tanning, swimming and fantastic views.

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