A stroll through St Petersburg, 29 December 2015

This year we didn't get any snow in St. Petersburg. But St. Petersburg is beautiful whatever the weather!

Michailovskaya ulitsa, Gostiny dvor (in the background). Gostiny dvor means indoor market, shopping center.

The monument to Alexander Pushkin in front of the State Russian Museum.

The Art Square and the Russian Ethnographic Museum.

The Griboyedov canal, the Kazan Cathedral and the House of Books (Dom knigi), which was previously the Singer House.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood .

The kids are having a snowball fight at the gates of Michailovsky garden.

The Malo-Konushennu bridge ( the Little Stable bridge) across the river Moika.

Moika,1 is the house of merchant Antonov, (Adamani house). I thought that it was built as a palace for a rich person. It turned out to be an appartment house built in 1823-1827. You can find additional information on the history of this building on this website (it can be google translated).

The cobble stone of the Malo-Konushennyi bridge. The red building on the left is the Higher School of Falk Arts.

There is a thin crust of ice on the river Moika.

In the backgorund you can see the spire of the Engineer castle (the Michailovsky castle). In the front there are State stables in dilapidated condition.

The Saint Isaac's Cathedral or the Isaakievskiy Sobor.

The Pevchesky bridge (the Singing bridge), the General Staff Building and the bridge over the Winter Canal (on the right).

The Winter Canal is one of the shortest canals in the city. It is only 228 metres long.

Capella (Saint Petersburg Court Chapel).

The Palace Square.

The Palace Square with Saint Isaac's Cathedral in the background.

A free ice skating rink by the Hermitage (the water had frozen in the fountain).

The view of Spit of Vasilievsy Island with Rostral columns (strelka Vasilievsky Island).

The Palace bridge.

Our frozen family.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral.

A statue of a lion at the Palace Pier on the Admiralty Embankment.

The Russian Academy of Sciene and Kunstcamera.

The River Neva in the evening.

The University Embankment and the Palace bridge.

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