Link Cove, 8-9 October 2016

We all fell victim to a bug that Sonya brought from school, and decided to fight it by going camping. We got to the Lakes quite late and decided to wild camp. So we started in total darkness with head torches and started walking up a steep slope. After about an hour, we descended into Deepdale, found a relatively dry and flat spot, pitched our tent and went to bed. We woke up in the morning in a beautiful valley, far away from any people. It was really calm, sunny and warm.

The red and blue lines show our track in the first and second days. The "P" icon, the tent and the cave icons show the car park, our camping spot and Priest's hole.

We have been here a few years earlier but this time we wanted to do some scrambling. We planned to scramble up Link Cove Gill and the the Light Slabs of Greenhow End.

We were going to climb up the gill on the left of Greenhow End ni the centre of the picture. There is no path here, and hence no people.

There were a few waterfalls in the gill, but we did not climb them: it was wet, slippery, cold... Not sure if we will ever brace ourselves to do gill scrambling. So we scrambled most of the way up the slabs on the right bank of the gill.

Looking back into Deepdale. Zoom in to find some sheep! The valley is peppered with little hills, probably natural rather than manmade. The brownish colour of the hills is due to fern which sparkles in the sun.

Going up the hard way...

Scrambling up the slabs on the right of the ravine.

At the top of the gill.

A rowan tree above the ravine.

The same tree from a different viewpoint.

Scrambling up the Light Slabs, Greenhow End was straightforward, no need for the rope.

Almost there...

Sony scrambles effortlessly.

Hart Crag (822 m).

A view of Windermere and the sun-lit sea from the summit.

A view from the summit in the opposite direction. Our car is somewhere in the green valley.

On the way down, we went looking for Priest's hole. Surprisingly, it did not take us long to find it (Victor looked up its location at home). It is not visible from below, so you won't find it unless you know what to look for.

The path traverses the slope, gradually descending to Brothers Water.

A red rowan tree is clearly visible on the green background of trees and shrubs.

That's the end of our trip. Lake district is beautiful in the Autumn, particularly in sunny weather.

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