Black Hill, 6 March 2016

We much enjoyed the Saturday trip (5 March) with Sonya, and went skiing again the following day, hoping that the snow hadn't all melted away. We left our car in a small parking lot in the moors. Surprisingly, we saw some ski tracks covered with fresh snow. Someone was skiing here yesterday!

The red line shows our track. The "P" icon shows the parking lot.

Yesterday was a warm day, the snow started thawing, but got frozen again overnight and was covered with some fresh snow. This was an ideal surface, the skis did not leave deep tracks through the snow, and we went sliding ahead. The morning mist was lifting and we saw surrounding hills.

We were alone, surrounded only by birds and hares. Eventually, the mist cleared from Black Hill.

We saw many large and small erosion gullies.

The weather kept improving and the snow sparkled in the sun.

Snow drifts formed different shapes.

That's us!

Snow drifts in the erosion-carved gullies.

A thawing snow cornice.

Time to go home. The sun is gone away to the surrounding hills. This was a great trip, we didn't see a soul, and only crossed somebody's tracks in deep snow on Black Hill a couple of times.

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