Great Dun Fell, 20 January 2018

This trip was planned several years ago. It required a rare combination of favourable conditions: heavy snowfall at the end of the week, decent weather during the weekend and appropriate childcare arrangements. This time everything worked out OK, our neighbour agreed to look after Sonya, and we left home at around 9am. The first obstacle was to park the car, it took us two attempts and over half an hour to dig a decent parking spot.

The blue line shows our track. The "P" icon shows the parking spot.

We were relieved to see that the snow cover was good. Several heavy snowfalls during the week and strong wind resulted in deep snowdrifts.

Climbing through a little cornice

Bird tracks on the snow.

We are going up the little valley. The snow drifts formed interesting shapes in the river bank. The stream is all but frozen.

We found a bridge to cross the Tees but the ice on the other streams was strong enough to ski on. We can now see a radar on top of Great Dun Fell, the end goal of our trip.

A semi-frozen little waterfall.

The sun finally came out to light up the snow desert.

Crossing the stream again.

Frozen waves.

Snowdrifts were everywhere.

Great Dun Fell (848 m). This radar, which is a part of the air traffic control system, can be seen for miles in all directions.

Looking towards Lake District. All vertical objects are covered with a thick layer of frost blown by the strong winds.

A lonely skier (Victor). Judging by the tracks in the snow, two people have been here before us today, but they came from the other side.

This road climbs up Great Dun Fell from the South. The snow poles are used to mark it in bad weather. They are all covered with a layer of frost.

Going downhill was much faster than climbing up!

We followed our trail back to the car. The faraway hills turned pink in the sunset.

It was pitch black when we got to the car. This was a great trip, we covered around 20 km on skis. Unfortunately, the snow will be all gone before the next weekend, so we were lucky to make most of the good weather.

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