Yorkshire Wolds. End of December 2020 - January 2021. Lockdown No 3

The lockdown rules advise people to stay local for their daily exercise to limit virus transmission. Yorkshire Wolds is only about 20 min from our house (a little over 10 miles), and we assumed this can be classed as local. So we started coming here almost every weekend, as we got really bored of walking on the fields around our house.

The black, blue and red lines show out track on the 9th, 16th and 24th January, respectively.

28 December

After crossing the plateau, we descended into a deep valley.

Suddenly the fog came out of nowhere

and we found ourselves surrounded by clouds.

9 and 16 January

The weather on the 9 January was great, but there was very little snow. Not all fields were passable on skis.

There was a lot more snow in the following weekend, but no visibility. The sheep are hard to spot in the fog.

Familiar places were unrecognisable in the fog. Very surreal experience, like on a different planet.

Skiing downhill along the edge of the field.

We initially thought that we would go home after a few minutes, but we ended up skiing for almost two hours. Yes, the weather was too warm, and the visibility was poor, but it was still much better than sitting at home. When we were driving home, the view from the Garrowby hill was amazing: the fog was left behind and we drove down into a sunny and colourful valley.

24 January

This was a cold day, and we started quite early, while the ground was still frosty - a great decision!

A spiral in the valley. This is the first time we noticed it. Who dug it out here and why?

The road climbs out of the valley.

The spiral is at the intersection of three valleys. We saw this man with a dog several times during the walk.

The path goes by a little pond. The ice was very thin, we were only able to crawl across.

Once all ice got cracked, we left.

The frost has not thawed here yet.

It was pretty cold in the shadow, but the frost on the other side of the valley was melted by the sun.

Frozen puddles on the ploughed field formes interesting patterns. This is letter "T".

A strawberry? Or a ghost?

A dinosaur?

The sun and the shadow, the green and the frost.

The fields in the distance are still covered with frost, but here everything is green.

When we returned to the car, the sun was gone and the weather turned murky and grey. Nonetheless it was a very nice walk. We still hope to go skiing this year and visit some mountains - it is only January after all!

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