Cam Crag, 23-24 May 2015

We finally made it to the Lake District. We hadn't camped since our trip to the Alps last Summer! The forecast for Saturday was good, so we left home on Friday evening, drove to the Lakes, and stayed overnight in a campsite. We planned to conquer Cam Crag, this is grade 1-2 scrambling if you follow a simple line (which we did).

Zoom in to see the topo map. The red and blue lines show our tracks on the first and second days, respectively. The tent icon indicates the place where we camped, the "P" icon shows car park at the campsite.

The morning was amazing: warm, sunny, no wind. The farmer (campsite owner) woke us up quite early, and we were ready to go around 9am.

Spring in the Lakes: everything is deep green. We were excited to start the hike. We walked up along Langstrath Beck until we reached a small canyon with a waterfall (Blackmoss Pot).

Sonya took a dip although the water was rather cold.

Forcing the river.

Blackmoss Pot. Sunlit water was green and blue and so clear that you could see the rocks at the bottom.

We went up and had a rest near a large boulder field. We knew that there was a secret cave (bothy) nearby. It took us a while to find it (it is well hidden). It has enough space for 3-4 people to sleep. The wooden floor was covered with sleeping mats, there was a stove, gas, some food. We found a well-maintained visitor book in a metal box. The track on the map near the top of this page was redacted so as to hide the location of the cave - the secret must be kept!

We started scrambling up the ridge of Cam Crag

Sonya is busy looking for the best route.

We had a rope but did not use it. The rocks were very solid, and the handholds and footholds were very good. But the exposure was quite dramatic...

We climbed onto a plateau with a great view towards Derwent Water and Borrowdale.

As soon as we got onto the plateau, we saw a bright white spot which looked like a snow field. We decided to check it out. Turned out to be a large quartz rock with moss growing along the cracks.

Sun bathing. We got sunburnt a bit.

Sonya at the summit of Glaramara.

Little tarns on the plateau, about 700 m above the sea level.

It rained all night, and the wind picked up. That was the end of the good weather - the forecast was correct! We went down along Langstrath Beck. This is a view back, we came down yesterday from the hill at the back of the image, along the waterfall.

A little shelter for lamb or a small girl in an old ash tree.

This is Cam Crag - we climbed up along the ridge in the middle of the photo yesterday.

We found two dung beetles which got frozen overnight. Sonya warmed them up, and they started crawling.

We got to the same path which we followed yesterday. Blackmoss Pot again. Sonya took another dip. The sun came out, but it was still quite chilly.

A water meadow near our campsite.

Bluebells grow everywhere in the Spring, and the forests turn blue.

A free ad-hoc playground at the campsite. We found our car and in 2.5 hours were back home.

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