Gulf of Finland, 29 December 2019

There was no snow in St Petersburg over Christmass. We heard that a recent storm pushed some ice to the shores of the Gulf of Finland, and we went to have a look.

The red line shows our track, and the train icon is the Kurort railway station.

We caught a local train to the Kurort station and walked through a park to the Gulf of Finland. The water was indeed covered by a wide stretch of ice.

We got near the edge of the ice: small bits of broken ice were riding on the waves in just a few metres from us.

Ice pressure ridges were 2-3 m tall. They were made of small chunks of ice and compacted snow.

The pressure ridges drop to form a stretch of ice on the water.

There were many ice shapes on the beach, big and small.

This will be a warm beach in the Summer...

These ice ridges look like a pile of rubbish, not least because there were birds circling around them.

St Petersburg Dam leading to Kronstadt. One can make out the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral.

More ice ridges.

River Malaya Sestra.

A recent storm pushed ice up the river, and it spilled over on the banks. The river then shifted the ice back to the sea, but the spilled over ice was still on the river banks.

The spilled over ice was quite thick, about 1-1.5 m.

A rare glimpse of the sun.

The ice is covered with broken bits of seaweed.

An ice sculpture of a tadpole.

As we walked north, the ice ridges got replaced by larger pieces of ice.

Here there is some water on the ice.


A natural photo studio.

Another picturesque natural ice sculpture.

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