Moss Moor, 5 March 2016

This week saw a significant snowfall in Peak District - so time for skiing! We knew where to go. M62 motorway goes up to ca. 500m above sea level. In the Summer, these moors are a bit barren, but they look completely different when covered by snow.

The red line shows our track. The "P" icon shows parking spot.

We left the car in a car park by a steel tower, put on our skis and went up.

There was a fair amount of snow, ca. 20-30 cm. It was warm and the snow was fresh, soft and wet.

The snow-covered, sunlit moors are amazing. We went up by a small spring. There were very few people around, walking in deep snow without skis is hard work!

While waiting for the sun to come out, we made a snowman.

Suddenly a blizzard started. The weather changed very rapidly - only to improve again soon afterwards.

Snowman on skis.

Gymnastics with ski boots.

The sun came out again but the menacing dark clouds never went away.

Enjoying the sun.

Time to go home.

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