Great Dodd. 16 February 2014

Searching for snow...

There was very little snow in England this winter. We went skiing once in November, and now, at the very end of winter, the weather once again became favourable. We went to Lake District, it's about 2 h driving time from us. Great Dodd is a fairly tall hill with a short approach path from the car park.

Our track is shown with a red line. The "P" icon shows the car park.

Walking up towards Great Dodd. We have reached the snow line, but Maria and Sonya choose not put theis skis on.

Playing dead...

The fell on the left is Skiddaw, and the one on the right is Blencathra. We are frequent visitors on both.

Sonya is skiing downhill. It is not steep here at all. We decided not to go to the top, because strong winds blew all snow off the summit. The softer snow is only found at lower altitude.

We decided to climb Great Dodd after all. We put on our crampons and got to the top.

It's a pity one cannot just slide down...

Some sastrugi near the top - but snow is almost gone, the summit is very icy.

When the sun came out, everything lit up. The ice-coated grass sparkled like a diamond field.

This is a close-up of the ice-coated grass - but the sun is now gone.

The summit of Great Dodd. Very icy.

A stone wall is supposed to protect hikers from the wind but it is filled with snow.

Descending to the place where we left our skis. As a reward, Sonya is usually allowed to sledge back to the car for as long as there is snow.

A view from the Great Dodd summit. Ullswater is seen in the left corner.

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