Great Shunner Fell, 30 December 2020

For the first time in 15 years we could not go to St. Petersburg for Christmas. Fortunately, the weather in the UK stayed cold and Yorkshire Dales had some snow. We parked the car above 500 m where there was enough snow for skiing. The weather was good, we had some sunshine and some clouds and fog. Later in the afternoon the sun finally melted the clouds.

The blue line shows our track.

We are skiing up Great Shunner Fell, the highest point in the vicinity. The temperature was a little below zero, the snow was not sticky at all and skiing was really enjoyable.

Snow "tails".

Snow hedgehog.

Rabbit tracks in the snow.

The fog went away and the sun came out.

We skied down from the top and then came back again. The slopes are not bashed pistes, there are plenty of streams, gullies, erosion - but skiing was still very nice.

The clouds are cathing up with us again. The weather changes very quickly from wall-to-wall sunshine to no visibility at all.

Wind shelter at the top - a perfect spot for a lunch break. We only saw a few people today.

Frost crystals.

This fence goes all the way from the road up to the summit, so finding our way was very easy.

We could not help testing the strength of the ice on these frozen tarns. The ice was really very thin.

A thin layer of ice suspended around little islands.

The road on the other side of the valley goes down to the river Ure valley with bright green fields.

The sun is about to set. The evening sunshine makes the views very atmospheric.

A sun-lit cairn.

Swalеdale. The bottom of the valley is snow-free.

We got back to the car just before the sunset.

We were very fortunate to enjoy skiing in subzero temperatures, with plenty of sunshine and proper winter snow.

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