Trip to Morskaya 1 January 2016

As the forecast did not promise any snow before our departure from St Petersburg, we went for a walk near the Gulf of Finland in the hope to see at least some ice. We caught a minibus to the former railway station Morskaya. We first did a circular walk in the forest, and then crossed the road and went towards the gulf.

We did not record the GPS track, so the blue line shows our approximate path. The train icon shows the former railway station Morskaya.

Even though it was still fairly early, the sun was pretty low. The forest had just a little bit of snow.

The gulf was frozen but we were unsure about the strength of the ice cover.

A game of curling?

Ice curling sheet...

Crawling on the ice.

The winner gets a free ride on the ice.

Sonya is too busy reading to watch the curling game. It was quite cold, below -10 °С.

Some patches of ice were covered with a thin layer of snow.

A group photo.

We met two ladies with a dog, Tibetan Mastiff. We haven't seen such large and furry dogs!

Sunset. We couldn't stop watching.

After the sun had finally gone down, we went to catch a bus home.

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