Scotland, 28-30 July 2020

Sonya planned a trip to Scotland this Summer. A spell of reasonable weather came at the end of July. The plan was to get to the Isle of Skye but it hadn't worked out. We had to turn back after just two days. Nonetheless, this was a great trip and we will definitely be back.

We drove to Loch Lomond late in the evening. We had to book a camping spot at the beach online, in advance. The weather in the morning was quite good.

We had breakfast, walked back to the car and drove towards Glencoe.

The red line shows our track.

The hidden valley (Coire Gabhail). We were meant to go up along the stream on the left, cross to the other side of the ridge and return via the valley on the right. The were quite a few people on the paths, but the higher we got, the fewer people remained. The green colour of the hills is much more saturated compared to the Lakes.

The path crosses the stream.

The climb leads to a flat valley. The peaks are hidden in the clouds. We climbed some more 300 m or so and then had to turn back.

We climbed the left wall of the valley to have a better look around. These mountains are rocky and wild.

The top of the hidden valley. We saw snow for the first time this Summer.

Getting back to the car.

The northern version of tropical rainforest.

The wet rocks are glistening in the sun.

We drove to the seaside and stopped to have a look at Glenfinnan (West Highland Railway). Several episodes of Harry Potter were filmed here.

Loch Shiel is very long but the sea on the other side still cannot be seen. The Glenfinnan monument is at the lakeside.

We drove to the seaside, left the car at a layby and found a camping spot at one of the white beaches.

The "P" icon shows the layby, and the tent shows our beach camping spot.

People were camping in almost every bay but we found a remote spot for our tents.

The sunset was amazing. The mountainous Isles of Eigg and Rum.

We walked to Camusdarach Beach and back.

The sunset colours ranged from blue to soft pink to orange-red.

Sonya has long dreamed of seeing a proper sunset.

The sea was still, everything was so quiet.

Day three - driving back home

The weather was cloudy in the morning, and it started raining as soon as we got to the car.

The sunny views yesterday were better...

Lichen and seaweeds on the rocks.

Nature's artwork. Egg wrack seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum).

More seaweed: Bladder wrack (Fucus vesiculosus) and Egg wrack (Ascophyllum nodosum).

We stopped for a break and went searching for Prince Charlie's Cave. We did find it in the end.

It was wet, the visibility was poor, and this island made the view quite atmospheric.

The horny ram.

We had lunch by Loch Lomond, and then drove to York in 5 hours without stopping. Scotland is an amazing (in good weather) and wild country with mountains, forests, seaside, lochs. We hope to come back again soon.

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