Peak District and Brimham Rocks: spring snow. 10-11 April 2021

The weather forecast was very good for this weekend but on Saturday we unexpectedly got into localised and heavy snowfall. On Sunday we went to Brimham Rocks which were (also unexpectedly) covered by snow (following another very localised snowfall). So we got fully immersed in winter this weekend.

Kinder Scout (10 April 2021)

For the first time in many months we managed to get together as a family. We went to Kinder Scout plateau in the Peak District.

The blue line shows our track.

There was no snow when we started, and the visibility was good. But then we walked into a cloud and it started snowing. We are standing by airplaine wreckage - Lova knows everything about Kinder Scout.

The snow kept falling, it was calm and cold. Everything turned white.


Lova is taking us to a 'building' where we are planning to have some lunch.

The 'building' lacked a roof and only had one wall. But there was a bench and a table.

The Snow Maiden.

Waiting for the lunch to be served.

The view of Ashop valley is like an engraving fathfully reproducing fine details of the landscape.

The previous photo was almost black and white, but here the trees and the heather are in colour.

This walk was like travel in time: for a few hours we went from spring into winter and back.

Brimham Rocks (11 April 2021)

We went to Brimham Rocks on Sunday. There was no hint of snow at home but we noticed white hills while we were driving. Surprisingly, Brimham Rocks were covered in snow!

It was sunny, and the ground was covered by a fairly thick layer of fresh snow.

We are walking towards the weathered rocks.

A rock in an ice shell.

White strips frame the rocks.

Beating the track in untouched snow.

A rocky pillar.

This rock resembles an oyster mushroom.

Another rock encased in an ice shell.

These snow-covered trees are shielded from the wind.

Moss and snow.

A man-made avalanche.

This large clearing is also covered by snow.

One can clearly see the snowfall boundaries in this photo.

This is Victor's favourite rock. Yasha climbed it first.

Idol rock.

After a snowball fight.

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