Ease Gill 18 May 2014

A trip to Yorkshire Dales

Scroll down for Ease Gill. Here we have a few "Spring in Yorkshire" pictures from a recent trip (3 May).

Yorkshire is very picturesque in Spring. This wood is a mere 30 min drive from our place but we have not been here before.

Sonya has grown to like tree climbing.

Blue bells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta).

Blue bells tend to grow among beech trees.

Dandelions. Sonya is happy to wear a dandelion garland but does not have patience to make one.

OK, now for the Yorkshire Dales on 18 May. We drove to Holme Open Farm campsite on Saturday afternoon. There were very few fellow campers, only 3 or 4 tents. Holme Open Farm has a very nice and friendly but fairly primitive campsite, maybe this is why it was not full. We really liked it for two reasons: open fires are allowed, and (most important for the kids) visitors are allowed to walk around and stroke farm animals.

In the morning, after another petting trip around the farm, we drove towards Leck Beck, about a 10 min drive. The weather was great: warm but not too hot, very little wind.

The read line shows our track. The red arrow shows the direction of travel. The "P" icon shows the car park.

We left the car at a roadside and went towards Ease Gill. There are lots of caves and potholes around here, we peeked into each one we came across.

Ease Gill in normal weather is dry. We did not go down into the lower chamber, it looked unattractive from above. We climbed down just under the upper chamber. The river bed was dry, but looking at the rocks, it was not hard to imagine a fast flowing river here.

The rock face has been weathered by water.

Climbing up on the next level.

This place is called The Church. We had to climb a wall about 3 m high.

Resting at an intermediate level.

We even protected the pitch for the ladies. Actually, climbing up the chimney was easy.

Maria's turn.

The dry river bed led us to a multi-level waterfall.

And above the waterfall, the rocks were weathered by water to form unusual shapes.

Surreal place.

The river bed was all covered with "curly locks".

Further upstream, we stuck our heads into every pothole we cam across - and there were many! With a headtorch, Sonya was very comfortable even in the narrow passages.

This group of cairns is known as "The Three Men of Gragareth".

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