Grasmoor, 18-19 September 2020

Good weather over the weekend is not to be missed, and we went to Northern Lakes. We are still (just about) managing to find places we haven't been to. This time our route turned out to be particularly nice, quite long albeit with no technical challenges, and included rarely visited climbs on Eel Crag and north-west ridge of Grasmoor.

The red and blue lines show our track in the first and second days, respectively.

The car park at Newlands Hause on Friday night was surprisingly full. Some people stayed overnight in caravans or cars, some pitched their tents right next to their cars. We went to the headwaters of Sail Beck, but finding a flat patch for a tent proved challenging. In the end we pitched out tent right next to the stream.

A short rocky pitch on Eel Crag.

A lunch break by Liza Beck.

We first followed a path but then traversed a slope overgrown with heather without a path - this was a real fight in places.

The reward was amazing views and excellent visibility. One could make out wind turbines in the sea.

North-west ridge of Grasmoor.

Isle of Man is some 75 km away.

Crummock Water.

We imagined that the hills were covered with velvet.

The road to Buttermere cuts through the mountainside. We crossed it, climbed the other side and descended to the car park by the Moss Force waterfall - but it wasn't worth taking a picture.

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