Kinder Scout, 15-16 June 2019

Early June was quite wet, but we found the only relatively dry day in the Peak District. We started walking in the evening, and managed to get to Kidner Scout just before dark.

The red and blue lines show our track in the first and second days, respectively.

Once we got out of the forest and crossed the stream, we climbed a steep slope to get to the moor. This is Kinder Scout. It is a large plateau, probably the most remote part of the Peak District.

Full moon was quite bright.

There was a path on the ridge leading to the plateau.

Face profiles on the ridge.

Cracked rocks lit by the sunset.


Sonya is the King of the Castle.

One can spot the rising clouds over the valleys behind the rocks.

We got to the top just before the sunset. Surprisingly, there were a few other tents on the plateau. We found a dry spot with a great view and pitched our tent.

Kinder Scout in the morning. It was a fairly cold and cloudy day with occasional showers - but the sun also came out once or twice.

The moors are like a patchy blanket: patches of heather are either cut down or burnt every 10-12 years. Apparently this is complicated science, as the new plants are better for both the sheep and the birds. So the land owners maintain a mixture of old and new heather plants on the moors.

There is a path around Kinder Scout but we crossed the plateau to take a look at Kinder Downfall.

Rocky sculptures at Kinder Low.

The plateau is criss-crossed with deep ditches. This is the consequence of erosion.

To protect the plateau against erosion, many little streams are blocked wtih gravel, logs, heather bales or plastic barriers. The plateau is very boggy.

We found a lizard which was very sluggish in the cold.

The rock resembles an elephant with a bear.

The moors.

Rocks at the edge of the plateau.

Bright green wall of a deep valley.

Crossing the stream on the way back to the car.

This was a very nice short trip. We have been to the Peak District so many times but this was our first hike to Kinder Scout.

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