Dolomites 21-30 July 2012

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Our trip to the Dolomites was probably the first really tightly packed adventure for us. We only had 7 days including arrival and departure - but we wasted no time. As soon as we got to Italy on the first day (we flew to Venice), we rented a car, bought some food and went straight to the mountains. We went to the rented apartment only after we got back to our car.

We had a rope and a harness for Sonya, as we were planning to walk on steep terrain. We did not do any via Ferratas (except the Lagazuoi tunnel) though. But we were of course planning to visit some glaciers...

Many chair lifts in the Dolomites are open in the Summer. This makes it possible to get to fairly high altitude in one day. We would usually go up on a chair lift, then spend the day in the mountains and walk back down to the car in the evening. The map below shows our tracks in red. The icons show car parks and chair lifts. The yellow icon of a house in the middle shows location of our rented apartment.

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