Iceland August 2013

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Day 10: departure

Our return flight was in the afternoon,so we decided to pop into Reykjavik and go for a wander. When we finally made it, we only had 40 min to spend in the centre, so we went to the cathedral and then took a scenic route back to the car. From the town, its only a 40 min drive to the airport in Keflavik.

The town cathedral (Domkirkjan).

Most of the houses were 2 stories high and colourful.

Most of the houses were made of corrugated iron, wood seems to be rare in Iceland.

We were impressed by the width of the tyre!

Sonya with a tamed polar bear.

We found some unusual graffiti.

That was the end of our journey, we all enjoyed it and would be happy to go back again.

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