Iceland August 2013

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Day 3: waterfalls and a lagoon

On the third day, we hadn't planned on walking anywhere, just travelling to the next stage of our journey - the ice lagoon. On the way, we stopped many times to see local attractions and saw the sights

The green tent shows where we camped at the end of the day

It was quite cold in the morning, around 10 degrees, but within half an hour the cars thermometer read 20, we went outside and to our surprise, summer had arrived!

There are a lot of waterfalls along road No. 1, all of them from the same plateau. The first of these was Seljalandsfoss, behind which goes a path, so you can go around the whole waterfall without getting too wet.

Skogafoss - probably the prettiest of the waterfalls we saw. Although this was probably due to the fortunate weather. The sun came out at the right time and a rainbow was formed around the waterfall.

Everyone comes to Dyrholaey for one reason - to get a photo of the puffins. It takes hours of patients to get a decent midflight shot.

From the cliff edge, you can see the ocean and Iceland's black beaches.

We went down to the ocean.

By the water, there were basalt stacks, with caves, all formed out of hexagonal posts.

An arch above the water

Crossing the arch isn't as easy as it seems.

The same was on the other side of the beach.

In the late evening, we eventually got to the ice lagoon. Although the road was only a few hundred meters from the lake, there wasn't a soul to be seen. It was unbelievably pretty, so we set up camp and took in the view.

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