Moss Moor, 5 March 2016

This week saw a significant snowfall in Peak District - so time for skiing! We knew where to go. M62 motorway goes up to ca. 500m above sea level. In the Summer, these moors are a bit barren, but they look completely different when covered by snow.

The red line shows our track. The "P" icon shows parking spot.

We left the car in a car park by a steel tower, put on our skis and went up.

There was a fair amount of snow, ca. 20-30 cm. It was warm and the snow was fresh, soft and wet.

The snow-covered, sunlit moors are amazing. We went up by a small spring. There were very few people around, walking in deep snow without skis is hard work!

While waiting for the sun to come out, we made a snowman.

Suddenly a blizzard started. The weather changed very rapidly - only to improve again soon afterwards.

Snowman on skis.

Gymnastics with ski boots.

The picture below is a high resolution image. Use the mouse wheel or the controls above the picture to zoom in/out

The sun came out again but the menacing dark clouds never went away.

Enjoying the sun.

Time to go home.

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